Hospitality Marketplace (buyer-vendor relationships)

Have you ever looked at our industry from this angle? Hospitality is a marketplace where buyers and vendors interact with each other that creates a complex web of relationships. After many years of navigating in this space and consulting both hospitality companies and hospitality vendors (mostly tech), I have built a layout in my head that helps understand who is who and what is what in the marketplace. I’m happy to share it with the industry.

This is your new, cleaned-up, organized Buyer-Vendor map of Hospitality 2.0.

This diagram depicts the complex relationships between buyers and vendors
in the hospitality industry in a simplified and easy-to-understand view. It helps hospitality companies understand the types of vendors that exist, and it helps suppliers understand the fragmentation on the buyer side that affects their purchase decisions, including technology adoption.

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To download a high-resolution image of this diagram, click here:

Hospitality Marketplace

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Ira Vouk