Distribution Technology Ecosystem

Many industry experts would agree that Distribution (aka Connectivity Tech) is the wildest, most rapidly changing part of our tech environment, including our tech stack. This causes endless confusion, especially among those new to the industry.

But fear not – I have a new diagram for you. You’re in good hands because I’ve managed to distill the chaos into something simple and digestible while preserving all the key elements and players. Disclaimer: This is a high-level, simplified view. And of course, there are exceptions to all rules. And yes, in real life, it is not as clean as it looks in the picture. But this diagram will help you grasp the main concepts and relationships within the distribution ecosystem.

This diagram depicts the complex relationships between different elements in this category of hotel technology and also shows that distribution setup can vary depending on the situation. The main difference is observed between independent and branded properties (hence the two parts in the picture below).

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To download a high-resolution image of this diagram, click here:

Distribution Technology Ecosystem

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Ira Vouk